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With a full fleet of the latest construction plant, we are here to support your plant hire needs. From micro-digger to larger 3 tonne machines and dumpers, we have the tools you need. Delivered to you for as long as you need them, get in touch to discuss our plant hire services today. We can also provide highly experienced operators for all of our machines for £180 + VAT per day.


The YANMAR ultra-mini excavator boasts of exceptional work performance. Weighing less than 1 ton, the excavators in this ultra-mini excavator can be smoothly operated in confined spaces. The excavator can easily enter through gates and through back alleys between residential buildings because of its compact design.

From £95 + VAT per day

From £190 + VAT per week

Yanmar 08.jpg

1.7 Tonne Digger

The EZ17 compact excavator is the best performance Zero Tail model in its class. The large volume diesel engine combined with LUDV (Load Sensing System) promise high performance. The EZ17 guarantees the perfect full 360-vision - upward as well as downward - and offers an extremely large field of vision.

From £110 + VAT per day

From £230 + VAT per week

Wacker 17.png

3-Tonne Digger

The ViO33-6 is designed to provide you with true peace of mind, especially in urban environments where space is limited. As a true zero tail swing machine with a low swing radius and offering greater reach with a longer boom that its competition. 

From £135 + VAT per day

From £285 + VAT per week

Yanmar 33.jpg

Skip Load Dumper

Fast, safe and easy transport even on the roughest of terrain and a discharge height of up to 1.56 m... the four-wheel Wacker Neuson 1001 dumper is particularly versatile, agile and extremely robust.

From £90 + VAT per day

From £175 + VAT per week

Wacker Dumper.png

Power Barrow

Essentially a powered barrow, The Handy THLC09715 has been designed to take the strain out of heavy-duty transportation-jobs and is ideal for shifting large volumes of logs, paving-slabs, rocks, gravel and sand.

From £80 + VAT per day

From £110  + VAT per week


4 Tonne Dumper

Our 4 tonne Barford dumper is just the tool for moving large amounts of spoil or materials. The perfect partner when hired alongside our 3.3 tonne digger. 

From £85 + VAT per day

From £170 + VAT per week


Large Compactor Plate - 20"

Reversible vibratory plate coming in at 180kgs with a diesel engine for heavy demands on performance and sturdiness in soil, asphalt and paving stone compaction. This plate gets the job done when you need a solid base.

From £50 + VAT per day

From £90 + VAT per week


Cement Mixer

Cement mixers are portable devices that mix cement, aggregate and water together to create concrete. They feature a revolving drum to mix the components alongside a handle that changes the position of the drum so the cement can be poured out.

From £25 + VAT per day

From £35 + VAT per week


Small compactor plate - 16"

A midweight professional compaction / wacker plate with low Hand Arm Vibration and high performance compaction. The PCLX is perfect for most applications. The low hand-arm vibration ensures a 8 hours + safe usage time.

From £45 + VAT per day

From £70 + VAT per week


Laser Level

For maximum accuracy and precision on-site, our Laser levels are the perfect solution to working requirements across a multitude of trades. This state-of-the-art technology has been designed to be extremely durable on the job, meaning accuracy is never compromised by tough site conditions.

From £75 + VAT per day

From £110 + VAT per week


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